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In terms of crystal decanters design the « perfect shape » is the one that magnifies the nobility of the material, which itself enhances the liquid it contains.

All CRYSTAL SPIRIT models aim at one thing: creating emotion.

From a qualitative, technical and functional point of view, all aspects are fully mastered: right volume, vacuum space, closures versatility and chemical treatment stopping the migration of lead into the liquid in conformity with European regulations.

Fedora 500 ml et 750 ml

Generous nature

Fedora is a Greek origin name, Theodoros, which means «gift of God».

Simplicity always surprises through its obviousness.
The elegance of the line is enhanced by an impressive
and shining glass base in the shape of teardrop.

Cara 700 ml

Modern classic style

A strict geometry characterizes the design of the Cara decanter.
The simple elegance of the shape is enhanced by its sharp edges and glass thickness.

The classic style of Cara revisited by a modern vision is perfectly suited to rare alchohols.

Ines 700 ml

Couture touch

Elegant, charming and pure-lined, with a hint of nostaligia.

Its style is very Parisian and Couture at heart.

Phoebus 700 ml


The art of playing withthe light, the relief and volumes.

The material holds a key rolein awakening emotion.

Dali 700 ml

All in the curve

Its sensuous style arises from a strongly seductive
mineral hardness combined to ultra-soft lines.

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